All tours depart from the Venterskroon Information Centre in Venterskroon, North West; unless otherwise arranged …

Tour Duration:
Depending on the tour you selected the tour will take between 4 to 7 hours.

Tour Includes:
– A slideshow presentation explaining the meteorite strike as well as the events that unfolded when the meteorite struck the Vredefort Dome area. It also covers the history and geology of the area.
– The presentation is followed by a physical tour through the Vredefort Meteorite Impact Structure looking at the unique geology, fauna and flora as well as historic and cultural landmarks.
 – Lunch can be arranged at Venterskroon Inn on request (for your own account.)

Self-drive, own transport used, the guide to ride with you.

What you can expect to see:
– Unique impact geology, phenomenal vistas of the Vaal River and hill & valley landscape, ancient rock art, remains of Stone Age & Iron Age settlements and signs or gold mining activities.

Geological Tour

Unique geology as a result of a massive meteorite impact. Observe all the indicators of a meteorite impact on the rocks on the floor of the Impact Crater.

General Dome Tour

Enjoy the remarkable features of the landscapes, the unique fauna and flora, the history and culture of the Vredefort Dome mountain landscape.

History & Cultural Tour

Evidence of human habitation and activity dates back to late Stone Age, Iron Age, early settlers, Anglo-Boer war and mining for gold (the Vaal River diggings), to modern day life.

Birding Tour

You can be sure to spot a significant number of the 330+ species of indigenous birds on a birding tour in the area. The Vaal River with its large variety of water birds makes the area an existing birding venue.

Educational Tour

Students, School groups, both primary and secondary learners can be accommodated.


Guided tours are conducted in the Vredefort Dome by a registered tourist guide. Tours are undertaken at arranged and planned dates, from school children to geologists.

Basic Info

Tours depart from the Venterskroon Information Centre and last 4 to 7 hours. The tour starts with a presentation followed by a tour through the Vredefort Meteorite Impact Structure, visiting many viewpoints and historical sites.



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North West, South Africa.


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