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Before modern times the Vredefort Dome area was rich in wild animals. Hunter-Gatherers roamed the area and left their art in the form of rock engravings (petroglyphs) of the animals they hunted on ancient rock formations. Clear signs that early people and wild animals occupied the same space and lived in harmony.

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Gustav Engelbrecht

Registered Tour Guide

Why my experience qualifies me to lead your excursion:

I am working in the site as a departmental official at the Vredefort Dome Project Management office in Venterskroon since 2006. I am a registered Tourist Guide in the Vredefort Dome since 2016 and love guiding people through the site.


Top reasons to book your Vredefort Dome Tour with me.

Prompt Service

I am available 24/7 to see to your needs.

Personal Attention

I am a one-man operation and will see to your every need.

Nationally Qualified

I am a qualified South African Guide.

Customized Tours

I can customize your tour to fit in with your requirements.


I have travelled thousands of kilometres to show tourists many unique geological and other locations within the Vredefort Dome.

Kilometers Travelled

Bird Species Spotted

Cultural & Historic Sites

Ancient Rock Carving Sites


Guided tours are conducted in the Vredefort Dome by a registered tourist guide. Tours are undertaken at arranged and planned dates, from school children to geologists.

Basic Info

Tours depart from the Venterskroon Information Centre and last 4 to 7 hours. The tour starts with a presentation followed by a tour through the Vredefort Meteorite Impact Structure, visiting many viewpoints and historical sites.



57 Louw St., Potchefstroom,
North West, South Africa.


Contact Info

Email: gustavengelbrecht50@gmail.com

Mobile: +27 (0) 72 130 1995