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What we can expect to see in the Vredefort Dome & Surrounds

Unique geology as a result of a massive meteorite impact. Observe all the indicators of a meteorite impact on the rocks on the floor of the
Impact Crater.

The Vredefort Dome is situated in the Highveld region of South Africa. The ridge and valley country with its unique rock formations and biodiversity is a result of the massive meteorite impact more than 2 billion years ago and erosion after that.

With the Vaal River meandering through the hills and ridges, the visitor to the Dome, can be treated to some breathtaking scenery. The landscapes of the Dome, summer and winter, are a photographer’s dream.

The Vaal River being one of the oldest rivers on earth and the second largest in South Africa, is an attraction of its own to bring visitors to the area. Being also, the largest water body in the Dome with its riverine vegetation, it is a paradise for a large variety of indigenous birds. The majestic Fish Eagle is but one of the many species.

The Vaal is also host to activities like rafting and kayaking as well as fishing, which many people enjoy. But then many others just come to rest and enjoy the peace in the tranquil and beautiful atmosphere of the Vaal.

Before modern man invaded this area, indigenous people and wild animals lived here in harmony with nature. We see this history engraved on the rocks. All wild animal species, large and small, occurred here. The relations between predator and pray were in balance. However, wildlife was wiped out through hunting and farming took over their natural habitat. Fortunately many species have now been reintroduced on game farms and nature reserves. For the keen bird watcher there are 330+ indigenous bird species of water birds, grassveld birds and bushveld birds, to tick on your life list.

Evidence of human habitation and activity dates back to late Stone Age, Iron Age, early settlers, Anglo-Boer war and mining for gold (the Vaal River diggings), to modern day life.

Enjoy the remarkable features of the landscapes, the unique fauna and flora, the history and culture of the Vredefort Dome mountain landscape.